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Plows are removed after the winter threat has passed, and stored on these racks until the following season. Due to the wide footprint and reinforced components, this snow plow storage option is both very stable and durable.

ICM Snowplow Storage Systems are designed for Commercial, Government, and Private Use.

Snow Plow Racks Sand Plow Racks
Designed to elevate commercial snow plows off lot surfaces for storage
Stores 3 plows per section: ground level, tier 1, and tier 2
Snow Plows can be placed directly on the rack or snow plow skid
One freestanding section measures 
     8'8" tall x 12'8" long x 5'2" deep
4" x 4" steel framework, .25" material

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End Panel End Panel
Part No. N1022175
Two end panels required for every starter unit
One end panel required for every add-on unit
All components are welded, holes pre-punched for easy assembly
10" x 10" anchor plates

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Horizontal Gridwork Horizontal Gridwork
Part No. N1022176 
Two required for every starter and add-on unit
All components are welded, holes pre-punched for easy assembly
4" x 12" gridwork plates

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Starter Unit   Add-On Unit









Snow Plow Pallets Snow Plow Pallets
Part No. N1022177
4 x 4 pallets with steel skid plates and hardwood construction
2" wide skid plates, 3" x 3" end plate, 6" x 25" oak stop,    
      pressure-treated 2" x 4", 3/4" plywood decking on 12" centers
Use directly on parking lot surface to protect asphalt or concrete from 
     damage, or in combination with snow plow racks
Standard pallets may be torn apart under the weight of snow plows;
      these snow plow storage pallets are designed to hold up under these

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Salt and Sand Spreader Racks Salt and Sand Spreader Racks
Manufactured to accommodate individual site requirements and brands
Spreader specifications required for building racking
Pallets are also available for storage  

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